Fantastic day in the sun for our Walking Football Tournament – 20 teams, 71 matches!

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to the teams for attending – some teams/players travelling from as far afield as Leeds, Hull, Nottingham and Norwich!

Over 50’s
Champions League Final: Desperados 2-0 Notts Forest Vets
Europa League Final: Norwich City Yellows 1-0 Northampton Town
Conference League Final: Stamford 1-0 Corby Town

Over 60’s
Champions League Final: Notts Forest Vets 2-1 East Riding
Europa League Final: Nottingham Reds 2-0 Harborough Town Hornets
Conference League Final: Northampton Town 2-0 Brackley Town

Over 65’s
Champions League Final: Corby Town 3-1 (pens) Loughborough Wanderers
Europa League Final: Harborough Town Hornets 4-0 Not Netherton